New Normal, New & Improved You

The world we are living in is a completely unprecedented, unexpected era that has shifted our comprehension of what it means to live… as opposed to simply being alive. In what seemed like the blink of an eye, everything we knew to be normal was ripped away, leaving us dazed, scared and most of all, lost. For months, life continued to pass us by with no change or excitement; simply isolation. The never-changing routine we have all become accustomed to has resulted in our ‘new normal’, and unfortunately for many, this does not seem like it will be changing any time soon.

Despite the current hardships, this situation is not as hopeless as it may seem. There are things we can do each day to combat the constant boredom and unwelcomed negativity, while at the same time provide a sense of fulfillment for ourselves. Achieving motivation and self-satisfaction while in quarantine is not as difficult a task as it may seem. There are dozens of ways to keep yourself occupied and bring fun back into your home-centered life.

Having so much time to yourself can be an incredible opportunity to try new hobbies that you otherwise have not had the time for pre-COVID. Not only is there no outside judgement when you are in the early, clumsy stages of learning new things, but there is also enough time and resources online to gain momentum with your new-found hobby.

I’ve learned that this has been the best time to try that work out routine I’ve always wanted to try, teach myself guitar, finish that incredibly hard paint by numbers just to prove to myself that I can – whatever the obstacle, this version of me can accomplish it.

A great tip to get started on your new experimental journey is to preplan the skills you want to learn, picking a specific time in the day to carry out this activity, and even setting an alarm when it’s time to start. This will keep the idea fresh in your mind while at the same time keeping the vigor and excitement alive even in the worst of times.

Additionally, be sure to reward yourself after you finish your daily session. This positive feedback will help to reinforce the habit. and make you look forward to doing it more often. Cookie anyone?! LOL! Mastering a difficult hobby gives you something to look forward to once socialization is back in full swing. Can you imagine going to a piano bar for the first time post-COVID and surprising your friends with a ballad or showing off your new hot bod from your workouts in isolation?

Just as much as positive habits can help you stay sane and grow during this time, negative self-deprecating habits can do the opposite. While it’s alright to relax, sit back and treat yourself on occasion, it’s incredibly vital that long periods of procrastination or binge watching TV does not become an integral part of your daily routine. Too often people use long breaks from their typical busy and overwhelming lifestyles as an excuse to remove themselves from all obligations in their lives, including the hobbies or choices that are healthy.

Your body needs rest, yes, but too much has a direct correlation to a downward trend in mental health. Being active and engaging in actions that bring you joy have been scientifically proven to combat a repetitive and dull lifestyle. Lying in bed for days on end and depriving yourself of basic human interaction are sure fire ways to pull yourself away from the beautiful opportunities presented to yourself around every corner.

The most important thing is to stay alert, aware and in tune with the world around you. If you do so, newness and adventure will be everywhere! Seek out every challenge and meet them head on, especially now! There has never been a better time to center all of your focus inward and give yourself the love and exploration you deserve. Listen to your body and soul to determine what is calling you, and pursue it wholeheartedly. We believe in you!

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Are you looking for coaching for you or someone you love?

Dustin Jones

Dustin, originally from St. Louis, Missouri, is one of our college aged coaches who is currently obtaining a degree in Finance and Accounting from the University of Indiana. Dustin serves as the Associate Director of Community Service for his Business Fraternity and also sits on the Board of Directors for our non-profit, Positive Presence Foundation. He loves to spend his down time hiking, hammocking with friends, and drawing. Dustin is passionate about helping teenagers because there were many times in his life that he didn’t know what he would have done without the support of people that reached out to help him. He believes asking for help should never make one feel like a burden. Dustin is an introvert who is finding his voice through mentor coaching, and is able to relate with his students by putting himself in their shoes. His sense of humor and generous personality is what makes him stand out as a coach. Dustin is an easy-going mentor who always tries to find the light even in dark times and stays positive by reminding himself of all that he is grateful for in life.

Jasmine Alexander

Jasmine, a Human Relations major at the University of Oakland is a dynamic community role model. As a generational member of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority Inc, she embodies a zest for excellence. Her bubbly personality and kind hearted nature touches the lives of everyone she comes into contact with. Her desire for being a positive catalyst is the reason why Jasmine is such a good fit with the Positive Presence Coaching Program. This creative young woman displays the trademarks of a great leader – skills she desires to impart on the next generation.

Cheyanne Peters

Cheyanne Peters, a first generation college student born and raised in Kansas, graduated from the University of Kansas with a Bachelors in Psychology and Minor in Applied Behavioral Science. Her passion for helping teenagers feel confident, successful and prepared for their next chapter in life stems from multiple years of working with at-risk youth.

Cheyanne has experience working in a Psychiatric Residential Treatment Facility rehabilitating children who have endured severe trauma, abuse and neglect and as a result developed behavioral/mood disorders. A former Mentor Program Facilitator at a Juvenile Detention Center, Cheyanne became an expert at aiding youth in their positive transition into society and adulthood. An empathetic and enthusiastic mentor, Cheyanne believes everyone deserves to live a joyful and fulfilling life – a profound passion that drives her in her coaching career.

Emily Lamb

Emily Lamb, a student at the University of Arizona has an unwavering passion to contribute large-scale, positive change to the world, and the people around her. A recipient of the Arizona Excellence Scholarship, Emily’s deep pool of knowledge, easy going attitude, kind persona and empathy makes her an exceptional mentor. As a leader, tutor, researcher and adventurer, Emily surrounds herself with things and people that contribute to her best self. It’s through her personal journey as a former student of Positive Presence, Emily experienced first hand the profound impact this coaching has on the lives of those we coach.

Jamal Johnson

Jamal was born and raised in Georgetown, Guyana and moved to the United States at the age of 12. His experience in the mental health industry the past six years has made him an expert in supporting and guiding young men and women living with autism and intellectual disability. He is also the co-founder of a small construction company based in New York. Jamal’s passionate approach to personal development, calming charisma and innovative techniques to understanding emotional awareness make him an excellent mentor to our Positive Presence coaching team. He stays positive by constantly reflecting on his own journey while creating a safe and positive space for others to do the same. Jamal travels to Guyana on a yearly basis promoting the importance of wellness care and healthy living habits in underserved communities.

Currently a student at UNC-Pembroke, Jamal is in pursuit of his Master’s in Business Administration and Finance. He plans to use his degrees to bolster his current skill set and promote the importance of entrepreneurship in underserved communities in the United States and Guyana.

Veronica Hurford

Veronica Hurford grew up in Fairfield, CA and studied abroad in England while she pursued her master’s degree in Education from UC Santa Cruz. Since the age of 9, Veronica has wanted to be an elementary school teacher and has been tutoring students in writing since she was a senior in college. She spent several summers as a counselor at a non-profit summer camp in southern California. Her fire to coach was initially ignited when she became an executive functioning tutor to teenagers in Colorado. Veronica saw many other needs that weren’t being met with her students outside of academics and had a deep desire to help them have success in school AND life. As an elementary school teacher, mentor, wife, writer and chef, her passion for helping teenagers and young adults far exceeds classroom knowledge. Her engaging personality and thoughtful approach to supporting youth makes her an excellent coach, a positive presence and a life-changing mentor.

Verona Matthews

Verona Matthews is a passionate professional from South Africa who takes a heart-centered approach to her coaching style. Her life’s mission is to leave a legacy of love and acceptance to the future generation. She is able to incorporate her life experiences and empathetic nature to provide her students with tangible life changing skills. Verona is an advocate of embracing change and continuous self-evolution. Her passion for impacting the next generation as a Mentor Coach with Positive Presence comes second only to her devotion to her family and her faith.

Jackie Fouchia

Jackie Fouchia, a Certified Health Coach, Personal Trainer & Yoga Instructor, has a degree in psychology of health and healing from Naropa University. A former beauty queen turned health and fitness expert, Jackie has overcome her own mental health struggles and found her passion for helping others both physically and spiritually. Discovering how to radiate self-confidence through her own journey of personal development, Jackie has learned how to teach others how to do the same. Doing all things with love, her patient personality and empathetic approach to supporting those in need makes her an excellent coach, a positive presence and a life-changing mentor.

Elysa Swenson

Elysa Swenson, a charismatic Kansas native and certified CNA, is currently in pursuit of her BSN in Nursing at the University of Kansas. As a former student of the Positive Presence Mentor Coaching program, Elysa found an insatiable amount of purpose and self-acceptance, something she attributes her new-found sense of peace and positivity to. Elysa’s awakening was in understanding that living a life of light and love comes when you decide to simply CHOOSE that life.

Since graduating from Positive Presence as a student, Elysa felt a deep responsibility and higher calling to help her generation find the same. Her passion for person-centered care coupled with her determination to help her generation find THEIR purpose makes her an excellent Mentor Coach for Positive Presence Global!

Alysha Montgomery

Alysha Montgomery, an animal science major and biological sciences minor at the University of Arkansas, is a passionate philanthropist. As a former student of the Positive Presence Mentor Coaching program, Alysha discovered the best version of herself and developed an unwavering passion for helping others find the same. That passion is fueled by her desire to inspire our youth to value themselves and recognize their purpose – a life-changing mentality she learned through her coaching with Positive Presence. Her intuitive nature and peaceful, diplomatic approach to coaching makes her a respected member of the global Positive Presence family and an exemplary mentor to our students.

Michelle Marie King

Michelle Marie King is the premier Confidence Coach for teenagers, young adults and young entrepreneurs across the globe. She founded Positive Presence Global – the largest confidence coaching company in North America – and has helped people worldwide find their confidence in all aspects of their life. Michelle’s engaging and energetic personality coupled with her ability to motivate has distinguished her as a personal development trailblazer.

In her career as a model, philanthropist, emcee, entrepreneur, spokesperson and public speaker, Michelle has appeared on radio, television, billboards and print in over 15 different states for her community efforts and her ongoing business ventures.